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Polydevs Pro

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System Requirements

 Windows 7 and above,  64 bit

 OpenGL 2.1 and above


 Windows 7 and above, 64 bit

 OpenGL 2.1 and above



•  Import common file formats 
Import Polydevs project file, the STL file, other formatted 3D graphics files, or slice files.
•  Useful visualization tools 
Different shading modes(Shade, Triangle, Wireframe, Transparency), highlighting errors in parts.
•  Part library 
Create simple three-dimensional models.
•  Analyze and repair meshes 
Analyze and repair parts using manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic modes.
•  Live collision detection 
Checks if two or more parts in the project touch each other. If a collision is detected, the colliding sections of the parts are flagged.
•  Mesh operation tools 
Includes tools for mesh move, rotate, scale , mirror, duplicate, indicate bottom / up plane, layout and so on.
•  Mesh editing tools 
Includes tools for mesh reduction, subdivision,remeshing, hollowing, free cut, z-compensation, perforator, orientation, boolean operation, labeling.
•  Mesh measurement tools 
Obtain basic graphic elements - points, lines, coordinate information of the triangles, get distance / angle information.
•  Configurable build supports 
Choose from bar, line and volume supports. Use anchor points to adjust where the support entities touch the model. Automatic generate supports.
•  Generate and export slices 
View and analyze models layer-by-layer before exporting models to machine-specific files.
•  Import common file formats 
•  Automatic repair mesh 
•  Mesh operation tools 
•  Automatic generate supports 
•  Generate and export slices