Polydevs DLP


Polydevs DLP prepares your models ready for printing  just in minutes. With One-Click Print, Polydevs DLP auto-orients, supports, and lays out your model for optimal results.

Download now, you can use it for free for 120 days.

Download for Windows

Windows 7 or higher. Requirements

Basic Operation

Polydevs allows the user to import, preview and export the model files, and provide some function to postion and layout the models for the most effective printing, e.g. auto-orientation in each direction, Move, Rotate, Indicate Bottom/Upper Plane, Duplicate and so on.


Layout Tool

Layout Tool enables the all parts be nested automatically in the platform, it can avoid any collisions and save a lot of space. With this tool, you  only need to click Automatic Layout button, then the all parts will be arranged automatically by calculation.

Generate Supports

Almost all models need support structures for a successful print, especially those with overhangs. Click the “Supports” icon or press the “C” key to access support structure features:

  • Generate Selected: Select the type of column support or broadside support, LITE generates the support for the selected model based on the current settings.
  • Parameter setting: Custom settings involving parallel spacing, support point size, density, base thickness, and height above base.

For more complex models, to determine their optimal orientation and optimal support settings, manually support can be used to selectively add and remove support structures after the support is automatically generated.


Slice Parts

The slicing process dissects a three-dimensional part into two-and-a-half-dimensional slices. These are a collection of two-dimensional layers for printing. Slices provide you with a visualization of cross sections of the part and you can get more detailed information about the object.